Welcome to the iAdapt Game

You have five years to climate-proof the city. Scroll down for some tips, then choose your mayor to begin the game…

You have five years to help the city. The game begins in 2045.

First, choose the mayor who best represents how you want to run the city.

Remember: The mayor you choose will affect how the public reacts to your decisions.

Your budget is topped up every year. How will you use it to help the city to adapt? You can choose to spend your annual budget in a variety of ways, from building sea walls, to flood-proofing rivers, to making community resilience plans.

There are four categories:

  1. Grey: built infrastructure that involves a lot of concrete
  2. Green and Blue: these infrastructures are intended to allow the whole water cycle to occur within the city
  3. Mixed: these infrastructures involve some construction, but they shore up or complement existing natural flood defences
  4. Policy: These aren't things you build! They're ways of bringing people together to have discussions, exchange information, and take action. Doing this will make people more resilient to flood events when they happen.

Who will you listen to? Voters or experts?

Each round has four phases:

  1. Plan: you can buy and sell interventions here, depending on your budget
  2. Consult: you'll see what the public thinks of your plan, and get some expert feedback on your choices
  3. Revise: here, you can make any changes to your plan before the end of the year
  4. Adopt: you finalise your plan, and see how well you've helped the city to adapt to the flooding that occurs.

Not everyone will agree with your choices. Will you keep the public happy, or take the experts' advice? Make too many unpopular decisions, or fail to adapt effectively, and the game ends early…

Floods will happen. You must help the city to adapt to them.

Every year, a flood event will occur, and the floods become more severe over time: different types of flood will occur in the same year, and you'll have to plan wisely in order to adapt to the changed climate 😬

Remember: each intervention you buy helps to adapt against a different type of flood type:

  1. Pluvial: monster rain 👾
  2. Fluvial: flooding that occurs when rivers burst their banks 🦦
  3. Coastal: flooding that happens when the sea overtops its barriers 🌊.

Start Playing by Choosing a Mayor